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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

A few times a year, I work with the wonderful folks at A Central Park Wedding in NYC. They plan Central Park weddings in Manhattan for couples from all around the world who want a hassle free wedding planning experience. Frank and Melissa hired me for their Central Park wedding at the Ladies Pavilion, making it one of my favorites of 2019. The first crazy thing about the day is that the first time I actually met Melissa was when she was walking down the aisle to get married hahaha. And you know what? When we adventured around together, it was like we had all known each other for a long time.

After a wonderful ceremony officiated by the groom's brother, we took Frank and Melissa around the immediate area in Central Park for some fun outdoors portraits. It's always funny to me to watch the groups of people who stop and watch as brides and grooms were walking by. Central Parks Eaglevale Bridge which carries 77th street into the park made for a really great spot to stop for some portraits. Just before we got into the car to bring us to our next location, Melissa surprised us all by taking the bottom of her dress off to reveal this amazing pants suit!

Our next stop from Central Park was The Museum of Modern Art. Frank and Melissa obtained permission for us to do portraits at MoMA's Sculpture Garden and with purchased admission, in the museum itself. MoMA's security was not aware that we obtained permission so we had to show him our credentials when he intimidatingly walked over. He was very nice though. Once inside, we found some really cool ways to incorporate the museum into their portraits.

And if we didn't do enough cool things, we left MoMA and went directly to Frank and Melissa's suite at The Plaza Hotel (oh yeah, THAT Plaza Hotel). I don't think I was prepared for what was actually inside. Gold door knobs, gold faucets, gold sink pipes; and the grand staircase in their room that led to the master bedroom with a rooftop terrace. Yes, rooftop access at the top of the Plaza Hotel!

After wandering around Manhattan for a few hours, we headed over to The Modern restaurant for Frank and Melissa to join their friends and family, who were already waiting, for their reception. We were met with smiling faces, a beautiful restaurant, and tremendous food.



Planning: A Central Park Wedding

Dress: BHLDN

MakeUp: Guerlain Spa

Reception Location: The Modern

Portrait Locations: MoMA and The Plaza Hotel

Photography: Hudson Picture Company

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