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It's important for us to learn a bit about each other. Whether we're photographing your wedding, family, or business; knowing a bit about each other helps make your photography experience more personal. So join me as I uncomfortably tell you about myself and my business below. 

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I'm Jeremiah Shaffer and I thank you for visiting Hudson Picture Company. For the past 10 years, I've been professionally photographing weddings right here in  Hudson Valley, NY and beyond. In winter 2021, I decided that people getting married aren't the only ones that deserve super awesome photographs, so I've decided to open myself up for everyone; weddings, families, professionals, and businesses. I've been married for 10 years now and am the proud dad of 2 beautiful little girls. I've called the Hudson Valley my home for all but 2 years of my life and when I didn't live here, I missed it a whole bunch. From city to country, mountains to rivers; we literally have any landscape you could want to be in and around right here and I love incorporating all of these elements into my photography. I thrive on positivity and calmness. Do you like sarcasm and dumb jokes? Well you're in luck because I have buckets and buckets full of both. I'd love to meet you and tell you all about my cat Stanley and learn about you and what makes you smile.




Whether you're planning a wedding or want updated photos of your family, we'd love you to visit us! Our studio is conveniently located right in the Hudson Valley Regional Airport terminal at 263 New Hackensack Rd in Wappingers Falls. It's a comfortable private setting to talk about your wedding over a cup of coffee or sit in for a photoshoot; all while we watch airplanes and helicopters take off right out my office window. 

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