"Where to even begin. Jeremiah and Cody were absolutely amazing on our wedding day. They take the most beautiful photos and have the best personalities. We did an engagement shoot with Jeremiah and felt comfortable from start to finish. My husband was nervous at first, but after just a few minutes, Jeremiah had us smiling and laughing effortlessly. We met Cody on our wedding day and loved his positive sweet energy. These guys know how to take a beautiful picture. They lug around all of this heavy equipment and on top of that carries my veil for an hour and a half just so I could relax and enjoy the moment. I haven’t received my photos yet but the sneak peaks are to die for. They captured all the beautiful fall foliage in the background and I LOVE all the beautiful colors. I can’t wait to see the rest. If you’re searching for the perfect photographers for your big day or special occasion- you won’t be disappointed in these two! Book them!!"

Lauren Ouzounian, client

"We could not be happier with not only the photos from the wedding, but how professional and personal Jeremiah was through out the whole process. Wedding planning can be stressful, but there was never a bit of stress when it came to getting the perfect picture! Jeremiah and Cody were an incredible team that made our wedding day that much more special. They were extremely professional, knowing what shots to take and where to be. Being the subject of photos is not something everyone is accustomed to being, certianly not the 2 of us, but Jeremiah made us feel comfortable throughout the entire day; from our first looks all the way through the end of the reception. He The finished product is incredible, as we are able to relive every moment of our special day for the rest of our lives, because Jeremiah and Cody knocked it out of the park. We could not be happier."

Dylan Korn, client

"I am writing this review before seeing my completed set of photos because THAT is how much confidence I have in Jeremiah and Cody. We met Jeremiah based off of a recommendation from someone who had not used him and was upset she didn’t. She had told us that her brother had used him and when she compared her photos to his she was sad she had not found him before her wedding. We met him with a lineup of photographers to meet after and we were not even out of the parking lot after meeting him before we decided to cancel all other appointments and book him right then and there. Jeremiah is the kindest soul we have ever encountered— he is genuinely funny, warm and he listens to everything you say.. and remembers it nearly a year later when you meet with him again before the big day! His personality alone makes him a 10/10 to work with and then you see your photos. He airdropped us five photos before the end of the reception and .. wow.. there is no other word but WOW. He sees the wedding in a way you do not.. he catches the REALNESS of the wedding. The love, the way you look at one another- it all just flows with him and Cody. It brings tears to my eyes writing this because he truly makes sure you get to see yourself the way everyone else does. Cody will go above and beyond (literally SCALING hills and climbing through bushes) to ensure you get shots from different perspectives. They both are awesome and I truly wish we could hang out with them on the regular.. that’s how down to earth and fun they are. Please if you’re reading this and deciding to reach out to him just DO IT! You will not be disappointed and his talent is endless. We adore you Jeremiah and Cody and are so thankful that you were part of our day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything!"

Megan Bromfield, client

"Jeremiah was a dream. He was exceptionally well organized and prepared for the day of, had backup plans, locations scouted, and ready to wrangle a rambunctious group of people. He was also extremely personable, funny, and pleasant to work with. He really made it easy for us to not have to worry about the timing of everything and kept everything on schedule. Listening to him is what made the hours leading up to our ceremony flow so smoothly. He and his partner were never in the way, but always right there when we needed them or wanted specific photos. Our guests also had lots of wonderful things to say about how great they were. Outside of all that, his artistic eye for a great picture was absolutely on point. Worth every penny."

Justine Giffen, client

"Jeremiah met with us at sunrise (roughly 6/6:30am that day) to do our engagement shoot--if that is any hint, Jeremiah will go above and beyond for you! We were at ease from the first time we met with him, he was easy to talk to and we felt comfortable right away which was so important to us with finding the right photographer. Jeremiah kept us laughing through the whole engagement shoot, and even though the sun never actually did come out for our sunrise shoot, Jeremiah captured beautiful photos and even spent a little extra time with us to make sure we got plenty of shots in. We would highly recommend him as a photographer and overall wonderful person!"

Cailin McGill, client

"My husband and I spent hours stalking instagram looking for the perfect photographer for our special day. We narrowed it down to two choices however immediately upon meeting Jeremiah we were hooked. He has a unique way of blending nature into his photographs which resonated with us. We couldn't have been more pleased with Jeremiah and Cody on the day of our wedding. They were able to capture our wedding the way we always dreamed of. The photos are beautiful and we will cherish them forever. Jeremiah and Cody also helped put us at ease the day of our wedding and kept everything moving smoothly. We would 100% recommend him to anyone!!"

Nicole Coleman, client

"I can’t say enough positive things about Jeremiah and his assistant photographer, Cody. It needs to be mentioned that Jeremiah was one of our groomsmen, too, and he managed to pull off both roles as groomsman and photographer. I honestly don’t know how he did it but he was fantastic. About a week before the wedding, Jeremiah knew my stress about the inclement weather (100% chance of rain with flash flood warnings throughout the region 😂😂) and he also knew how important these pictures were to us. He reassured me that, regardless of how horrible the weather would be, we would get some amazing pictures to capture that day and he was absolutely right. During our first look photos, the rain stopped and we all ran outside for Jeremiah and Cody to take the most gorgeous pictures I have ever seen. When he showed me some of the photos in the bridal suite I literally cried because they were more beautiful than I had imagined. Jeremiah and Cody had us laughing all night and they were truly so much fun to work with. I haven’t seen all of the photos yet but I already know they’re stunning because Jeremiah and Cody are so talented. If I had to pick a photographer again for another event, I would choose Jeremiah in a heartbeat. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about his photography. Thank you times a million. You’re the best."

-Kristen McKeever, client

"Okay, I'm sure you're here reading review after review of different photographers, feeling slightly overwhelmed with the vast amount of professionals you can hire for your special day. I was there, I know. However, I'm here to tell you that you can stop looking now - because you've found him. My husband and I met Jeremiah the photographer in a coffee shop. We quickly decided that no one else could photograph our day. Then, we met up with Jeremiah the cool-guy-who-also-happens-to-take-our-photos for our amazing engagement photos. We climbed down in moats, we were stuck under an abandoned concession stand for over an hour while it down poured like no other, we laughed, we huddled together and watched the weather app, but we mostly importantly had the best time and got AMAZING photos. Then on a rainy-turned-ungodly-humid August day, Jeremiah, our friend, photographed one of the best days of our lives in ways that I truly believe no one else could. We genuinely felt relaxed around Jeremiah and I think that's what made these photos so natural, which is exactly what we were looking for from day one. When your photographer is approached more than once at your reception by guests saying how much they've heard about him, you know you've found your lifelong photographer. Jeremiah could not have been more accommodating, he's easy to work with, fun, super efficient and really did become a friend during a really exciting time of our lives. Our photos are beautiful and really capture our relationship and our love. Jeremiah, our gratitude is endless. We'll treasure these photos always."

-Kaila McCabe, client

"I don't even know how to start my review on Jeremiah because I don't think there are any amount of words I could write out to you all to understand just how amazing he is. From the moment we meet Jeremiah I knew he was our guy, I don't know how to explain it. Our connection, how easy going he was and right off the bat you could see how passionate he is about his job. He made us feel so comfortable, he knew what he was talking about and gave us plenty of time to hear what we wanted. Our engagement shoot was perfect! I know some people don't like to take photos or smile or pose and that is my husband. Jeremiah knew how to make us laugh, relax, be comfortable and overcome how some times it's super awkward to have someone take your photos. I wanted to surprise my mother with photos at my deceased grandmothers home and Jeremiah had no issue with quickly meeting us for 10 minutes at a complete strangers home before our engagement shoot started. That right there is something I can never ever repay him for, to have pictures of my husband and I at a house where myself and our family grew up is so special and something not ever photographer is okay with adding on. Then our big day came and boy is Jeremiah is on top of his game from fixing ceremony decorations to coming in and helping us hang up bridesmaid dresses to just being there to make sure we are on schedule. He wanted a list before hand of every picture I wanted which is a life saver because half of the photos I probably would have never gotten if it wasn't for that list to remind us. He knows how to make people laugh and be more natural with your photos. Again my husband was so not looking forward to an hour of photos before cocktail hour but Jeremiah was patient and full of amazing ideas for our cool ceremony location. I texted Jeremiah the next because I just wanted to thank him one more time and I wanted him to know he is more then just the guy behind the camera! Thank you again so much Jeremiah! Love the Watson’s !"

-Kelly Watson, client

"I had a wonderful experience working with Jeremiah from start to finish! His photographs and style really caught my eye. There was something about it that in my opinion really stood out from all of the other photographers I met with. I contacted him immediately after seeing his work to set up an in person meeting where he walked my parents and I through his work style and showed us a plethora of photos from previous weddings he shot. We were so impressed and knew he would be a great fit to photograph our wedding. Throughout the time leading up to our wedding Jeremiah was super responsive and answered any and all questions very quickly. My husband and I lived very far away from Jeremiah so he even accommodated us by having Skype sessions to help ease our nerves. On our wedding day he was super professional and flexible. He wanted us to have fun and bent over backwards to make sure we were concentrating on that while he worked his magic. Again, we have nothing but great things to say about the final product. He sent us our images in an online gallery where we can relive our wedding from beginning to end. The photos are stunning and exactly what we expected. He captured so many candid moments that I know we will look back on for a lifetime. I would highly recommend Jeremiah as a wedding photographer"

-Olivia and Alex Urquart, clients